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Pivot, PIVOT, P-I-V-O-T!

Who else can relate?

This has been my obsession over the last few weeks:

Pivot your business, your strategy, your habits ...

Of course it can be stressful! (ask Chandler)...but I do like the concept of pivoting because it is about:

- Keeping your goal... only finding a different path to reach it

- Playing around with the situation

- not playing the blame game

- Letting go of the past while learning the lessons from it

These are the tips I repeat to myself as many times as Ross shouts “pivot”:

- Take just one or 2 necessary step(s) at a time

- Choose new KPIs adapted to the situation (to stay motivated)

- Keep on investing in the business/support…, as much as possible

- Visualize the final stage

- Have fun And remember: nothing is set in stone

How about you? Also in the "pivot"-mood? Any additional tips to share?

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