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Are you bored ? Great news !

Because boredom is to creativity, what push-ups are to biceps.

Not fun but necessary.

Human beings hate when things get boring.

The brain fears that if it is not used, it is not needed and it will cope with anxiety by:

Looking for a new activity/ (re)creation:

- J.R.R Tolkien started writing the Hobbit when he was bored of grading papers

- Any (not so wise) challenge going viral on internet.


This “default mode” leads to different brain connections and therefore major eureka moments:

- Newton discovered the theory of gravitation

- The next great idea popping in your head while showering.

We could organise brainstorming sessions in bathrooms or we could try:

- going into silent mode and daydreaming like your mean it.

- forgetting multitasking: no reading, while watching Netflix and checking your phone.

- planning down time.

Different studies showed that participants have come up with more creative ideas after having performed some dull and repetitive activities.

The muse arrives when you are not amused and you need to respect silence in order to hear her whisper.

So, take advantage of dull moments and imagine your next great idea.

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